To get Open PGP support we use GpgME >= 1.8.0. GpgME has now include Gpgme++ and QGpgME, that were living before in kdepim repositories.

GpgME gives us directly PGP and SMime support and needs gpg-agent, gpg2, gpgsm and a pinentry to be installed to work correctly. The package names differ between the distributions on Fedora the are named gnupg2, gnupg2-smime and pinentry-qt (there are several different flavours for diffrent environments. I think the Qt flavour matches best).

gnupg using ~/.gnupg as default homedir to store every file it uses. In our test docker environment, we setup all relevat files and added keys without passphrase to test PGP/SMime support. We also incuded one key With Passphrase "test" <>, that has a phassphrase named test.

You can get all keys with secret key available via gpg2 --list-secret-keys all known keys with gpg2 --list-keys.

$ gpg2 --list-secret-keys
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir '/home/developer/.gnupg'
gpg: enabled debug flags: memstat
sec   rsa2048 2009-11-13 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] unittest key (no password) <>
ssb   rsa2048 2009-11-13 [E]

sec   rsa1024 2009-11-25 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] kdetest <>
ssb   rsa1024 2009-11-25 [E]

sec   rsa1024 2009-11-25 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] kde testing <>
ssb   rsa1024 2009-11-25 [E]

sec   rsa2048 2016-11-22 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] With Passphrase "test" <>
ssb   rsa2048 2016-11-22 [E]

Testing OpenPGP support

We have many testmails, that are signed and encrypted with keys without a passphrase.

All testmails can be found in the folder github:cmollekopf/docker.

  • With openpgp- prefix are PGP/Mime messages RFC 3156.
  • With openpgp-inline- prefix are PGP inline messages RFC 4880.
  • With smime- prefix are SMIME messages RFC 2633.

To be able to also test gpg errors, we created some test mails, that triggers known issues:

  • openpgp-keymissing.mbox this key is missing in the test environment, so gpg returns a KeyMissing error.
  • openpgp-wrong_passphrase.mbox, here a pinentry popups and if you press three time Cancel in a row, a Passphrase error is returnd. If you enter the correct passphrase test you the the content of the mail. But than you need wither restart the testenvironment, kill gpg-agent or simply wait 1h before you see the passphrase error again.
  • you can unistall the gnupg-smime package, or delete /usr/bin/gpgsm by hand to trigger a UnknownError for smime encrypted messages. If delete all gnupgp2 related pacakges the application may react with segfaults.

We also have a unittest for gnupg errors in a lower level kde:kube/framework/domain/mimetreeparser/tests/gpgerrortest.cpp.